Independent units

Pionier Heinrich Brück volunteered to enlist and served with 5./Ers.-Btl. I.-R. Großdeutschland in Neurüppin from July until October 1941.He then transferred to Schwere Kompanie (mot.) I./Inf.-Rgt. Großdeutschland and was killed in action on 5 February 1942. Buried near Orel. No awards recorded.

SS-Schütze Heinrich Becker completed his basic training as a member of the SS-Verfügungstruppe with 1./SS-Inf.Ers.Btl. "Germania" in Arnheim from the beginning of October to mid December 1941. He then served with 6./SS-Inf.Rgt. 4 (mot.) as part of the XXXXIII. Korps, 4. Armee until he was wounded near Koludkinow in the Juchnow area on 23 January 1942. Dead on arrival the following day at the Nowo-Alexandrowskoje casualty clearing station. No awards recorded.

Unteroffizier Karl Maurer served with Stabsbattr. Beob.Abt.15 from August 1939 until March 1942, when he transferred to 1.Battr. le.Beob.Abt.(mot)15, 2. Armee. Killed in action in Russia in October 1943. Awarded Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen, Ostmedaille, KVK II mit Schwertern, Kraftfahrbewähr.Abz. in Bronze.

Obergefreiter Heinz Zuschlag first served with an anti-tank company and battalion staff of I.R. 70, part of 36. I.D. from August 1939 until November 1940 and part of 111. I.D. until December 1941 when he suffered from second degree frostbite in Adamorosk, Russia. After spending time with infantry convalescent and replacement units, he joined Werfer-Abteilung 9 in September 1942, which was used to create Werfer-Regiment 71 (Tropen) in November 1942. His company was part of the two Abteilungen destroyed in Tunis in May 1943. Following a brief period of re-organisation, he was transferred to one of the regimental munitions supply columns and then to 4./Werfer-Regiment 71 in Italy in August 1943. The regiment became part of Werfer-Brigade 5 assigned to AOK 10 in 1944. He remained in Italy and took part in the fighting for Sicily and Salerno and fighting withdrawals until he died of wounds to the lungs and spine caused by artillery fire in June 1944. No awards recorded.

Gefreiter Maximilian Stanglmeyer served with Flak-Rgt. 5 in 1937 and Stab III./Werf.Rgt. 88, 6. Pz.Armee from September 1944 to April 1945. Released as a POW by the Americans in June 1945. Awarded Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz for a wound sustained during the Ardennes offensive "Wacht am Rhein".

Unteroffizier Wilhelm Ehrich served with 1./schw.Art.Abt. 102 and 1./schw.Art.Abt. 151, Heerestruppe from August 1939 to June 1942 (23.06.1942 Im Kriege: Verwundungen und ernstere Krankheiten -23- Kriegslaz. 1/626 Rußland). He was then assigned to convalescent and replacement units before transferring to a company at army prison Wehrmachtsgefängnis Graudenz from August to December 1942. From February 1943 he served with field POW unit Feldstr.Gef.Abt. 14 and was involved in fighting in the Heeresgruppe Mitte sector and withdrawals before taking part in the defensive fighting in the Newel area from October 1943 to January 1944. Awarded the Ostmedaille.

San.Obergefreiter Hans Seyfferth served with San.Komp. 1/46 in Poland, Holland, Belgium, France, Rumania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Russia from August 1939 to October 1942. Died at main dressing station HVP Tscherwjakoff, Westkaukasus. Awarded ???, KVK II mit Schw., Ostmedaille, Krimschild by A.O.K. 11.

San.Obergefreiter Curt Wolf served with San-Komp. (mot.) 2./256, 256 I.D. from November 1941 to July 1943 and then with San.Komp. 1./572. Awarded the Ostmedaille.

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