Mountain and Jäger divisions

Obergefreiter Karl Ostertag served with 4./Geb.Art.Rgt. 94, 4. Geb.Div. from November 1940 to January 1944. Killed in action near Losowataja, Russia. Awarded the Ostmedaille, rum. Errinerungsmedaille "Kreuzzug gegen den Kommunismus" mit oxydialer Spange Kaukasus, EK II.

Gefreiter Gustav Abel first trained as a mountain trooper and then served with 5.(schw.)/Jäg.Rgt. 204, 97. Jäg. Division from July 1942 to June 1944. He was wounded twice by shell splinters and then contracted spotted fever (Fleckfieber) in April 1944. He then served with various convalescent units before being discharged as an Obergefreiter in April 1945. Awarded the Inf.Sturmabzeichen in Silber, EK II, Verw.Abz. in Schwarz and Kubanschild

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