Pre-1945 Soldbuch collection

This is a draft list of my rather small pre-1945 Soldbuch collection as it currently stands. Some of the entries can also be found in the corresponding Wehrpass section where both the Soldbuch and Wehrpass are available. Most still need revision to include proper place names and to check and add higher-level formations. The sub-sections are organised according to arms of service in the same way as in the Wehrpass section.

Although Soldbücher only contain relatively little unit-related information, they provide valuable details on time spent on leave or in hospital. Together with the service record contained in the corresponding Wehrpass, it is possible to develop a fairly detailed military biography of the given individual. However, not all unit assignments, events or awards were scrupulously recorded in the proper documents. Errors or omissions may be misleading. Information such as leave and time spent away from the parent unit in hospital or on courses is often not recorded in a Wehrpass. For this reason, a Wehrpass should never be separated from the corresponding Soldbuch, if possible.

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