Pionier and other units

Pionier Erich Baumann was recruited into Armierungs-Bataillon 57 as an army construction worker in August 1914 and was posted to the 6. Bataillon at Fortress Graudenz two days later. In September 1915 he was transferred to the replacement battalion of Pionier-Regiment 23 and in November to Scheinwerfer-Ersatz-Bataillon Spandau. After recovering from gonorrhoea in early 1916, he was posted to Reserve-Scheinwerfer-Zug 8, which was involved in fighting on the Aisne in the 11. Korps sector. From August 1916 to December 1917 he saw action in the Pripjet marshes on the Eastern Front. In May 1918 he returned to 5. Armee on the Western Front and saw action at Verdun and finally with Handscheinwerfer-Trupp 243, part of 38. Landwehr-Division, and then 5. Landsturm-Pionier-Kompagnie, 9. A.K., on the Lys. Discharged in December 1918. No awards recorded.

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