Artillery units

Field artillery

Vizewachtmeister Hans Häveker served with 3. Batterie Reserve-Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 18, 18. Reserve-Division and saw action at Arras. He was later promoted to Leutnant and served with Feldartillerie-Regiment 301, 255. Infanterie-Division. Awarded the EK2 and Hamburg Hanseatenkreuz.

Foot artillery

Sergeant Otto Altmanns served with Dragoner-Regiment Nr. 19 before the war and joined 4. Batterie, I. Bataillon Reserve-Fußartillerie-Regiment Nr. 2 at the beginning of August 1914. Awarded the Oldenburg Friedrich August-Kreuz 2. Klasse and the EK2. The Iron Cross award citation was entered into his pay book and states that he "displayed bravery and fearlessness while on patrol and as a messenger riding through heavy enemy fire."

Fahrer Josef Henseler joined the replacement battalion of Fussartillerie-Regiment 16 as a replacement recruit in June 1915. From October 1915 he served with 6. Batterie Lothringisches Fussartillerie-Regiment 16 then with 1. Batterie Fussartillerie-Regiment 28 from January 1916. He saw action on the Somme, at Metz, in Rumania, at Montdidier, Royons, Soissons, Reims, on the Marne, in the Champagne, on the Ailette and Aisne. Discharged in November 1918. No awards recorded.

Support units

Obergefreiter Johannes Ruppel first served with Königs-Infanterie-Regiment (6. Lothringisches) Nr. 145 in October 1896 and was recalled to Landsturm-Bataillon Solingen in August 1914. By March 1916 he was serving with 4. Kompagnie Ersatz-Bataillon Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 29, supplying replacements to 29. Reserve-Infanterie-Brigade, 16. Reserve-Division, which was fighting on the Aisne. By July he was serving with 10. Kompagnie 3. Bataillon Regiment Schuster, part of 15. Reserve-Division, on the Aisne. In early 1917 he was assigned to sound-ranging unit Schallmesstrupp 75, part of 25. Landwehr-Division, which was involved in fighting on the Aisne. By March 1918, Schallmesstrupp 75 was part of 4. Armee fighting in Flanders. Awarded the E.M. and EK II.

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