109. Infanterie-Division 1915-1918

The 109th Division was formed in Kurland in May 1915. The division was composite in structure, with 2nd Grenadiers from Pomerania (transferred from 3. Infanterie-Division), mobiles Ersatz-Infanterie-Regiment Königsberg Nr. 2 (which was reformed to become IR 376 in September 1915) with recruits from depots in Eastern Prussia, and RIR 26 originally from Magdeburg, Stendal and Burg in Prussian Saxony (transferred from 6. Reserve-Division).

The division was part of the Njemen Army and fought in front of Jakobstadt until it was transferred to Rumania in November 1916, where it took part in the breakthrough on the Szurduk and through the Vulkan Pass. The 2nd Grenadiers led the German troops that entered Bucharest in December 1916.

The division took up positions and fought on the Sereth for much of 1917 until the ceasefire in Rumania in December 1917. Like many other German formations in the East, it was then free to be deployed for operations on other fronts and was transferred to the West to form a reserve for the German Spring offensive in March 1918. In late April the division relieved the 19th Division wet of Hangard, and held the sector until August. In the first two days of the British attack launched on 8 August, the division lost more than 1,500 prisoners. Following its withdrawal after some four months in line on the Somme front, losses in casualties and prisoners were so high that the division was disbanded on 24 August 1918.

2nd Grenadiers was transferred intact to 3. Reserve-Division. The three battalions of IR 376 were transferred to 1. Infanterie-Division and divided between Grenadier regiments 1 and 3 and IR 43, respectively. The remaining companies of RIR 26 were reorganised and transferred to Füsilier-Regiment 36 and IR 66 of 113th Division and to IR 27 of 211th Division. The 1918 American intelligence assessment rated the division as third class.

Kriegsgliederung/order of battle 3 October 1915

174. Infanterie-Brigade

Grenadier-Regiment König Friedrich Wilhelm IV. (1. Pommersches) Nr. 2 Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 376 Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 26
Kavallerie-Regiment Nr. 89
Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 227 Landwehr-Fussartillerie-Bataillon 28  
1. Garde-Landwehr-Pionier-Kompagnie Scheinwerfer-Zug 276 Fernsprech-Doppelzug 109

Kriegsgliederung/order of battle 20 February 1918

174. Infanterie-Brigade

Grenadier-Regiment König Friedrich Wilhelm IV. (1. Pommersches) Nr. 2 Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 376 Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 26
5. Eskadron Dragoner-Regiment Nr. 10

Artillerie-Kommandeur 109

Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 227 Fussartillerie-Bataillon 64
(from 24.04.1918)

Stab Pionier-Bataillon 218

1. Garde-Landwehr-Pionier-Kompagnie Pionier-Kompagnie 388 Minenwerfer-Kompagnie 109
Divisions-Nachrichten-Kommandeur 109


109. Infanterie-Division 1915-1918

Calendar of battles and engagements

  109. Infanterie-Division (Ostfront)
28.11.1915-26.10.1916 Stellungskämpfe vor Jacobstadt
19.03.-26.03.1916 Schlacht vor Jacobstadt
26.10.-01.11.1916 Transport von Kurland nach Rumänien
06.11.-09.11.1916 Grenzkämpfe am Vulkangebirge
10.11.-14.11.1916 Schlacht am Szurduk (Durchbruchsschlacht am Szurduk und Vulkan-Pass)
16.11.-17.11.1916 Schlacht von Targu-Jiu
18.11.-23.11.1916 Verfolgung durch die Westwalachei
24.11.-27.11.1916 Kämpfe am unteren Alt
01.12.-03.12.1916 Schlacht um Arges
04.12.-08.12.1916 Verfolgung nach der Schlacht am Arges
06.12.1916 Einnahme von Bukarest
09.12.-20.12.1916 Verfolgungskämpfe an Jalomita-Pràhova und Buzaul
21.12.-27.12.1916 Schlacht bei Rimnicul-Sarat
28.12.1916-03.01.1917 Verfolgungskämpfe nach der Schlacht bei Rimnicul-Sarat
04.01.-08.01.1917 Schlacht an der Putna
09.01.-21.07.1917 Stellungskrieg am Sereth
19.01.1917 Erstürmung des Brückenkopfes Nanesti
04.04.1917 Vorstoss bei Garleasca
22.07.-25.07.1917 Abwehrkämpfe am Sereth
26.07.-09.12.1917 Stellungskrieg am Sereth
06.08.-03.09.1917 Durchbruchsschlacht am Putna und Susita (Teile)
10.12.1917-11.03.1918 Waffenstillstand an der rumänischen Front
20.03.-25.03.1918 Transport nach dem Westen
  109. Infanterie-Division (Westfront)
25.03.-20.04.1918 Reserve der O. H.-L.
20.04.-07.08.1918 Kämpfe an der Ancre, Somme und Avre
08.08.-20.08.1918 Abwehrschlacht zwischen Somme und Avre
24.08.1918 aufgelöst


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